Why OnLetterhead?

Why OnLetterhead?


Every day you send out dozens, even hundreds of business-related emails to suppliers, partners, leads, and prospects.

The typical process is that you click the compose button, write your email, add your signature, and click send.  But in the back of your mind you wish that it was easier to:

  1. Add your website address along with your social properties without writing a paragraph for your signature.
  2. Show the headlines of your latest blog posts, videos, or other rich media content
  3. Offer a call-to-action for the latest sales promotion

But, unless you are familiar with HTML, PHP, and graphic design, you are out of luck.


Not anymore.

We created OnLetterhead to do one thing really well – make your everyday emails work harder for your business.

OnLetterhead is a clever software tool that applies a visually rich template to your emails.  The software works seamlessly with Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, and Hotmail so you can use it in just about every situation.

You can select from our professionally designed templates or work with our team to create a unique design for your business.  The end result is an effective way to brand your business with every email.

Seeing is believing.

Check out our template gallery for examples of how others are using Onletterhead.

Even better, start your free trial and see how OnLetterhead can boost your email communications today.

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